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Supported Barcodes

Accio Patent supports scanning barcodes and QR codes on patents and application publications from various jurisdictions:

Try some below! You will need to print this page or open it on an external display. If you have trouble scanning from an external display, try increasing the brightness or zoom level. And if you find a new country using barcodes—or a barcode from a supported country that does not work—please let me know: support@acciopatent.com.

(US) United States

US 10,000,000 B2
(utility patent)

*US 20160266243A1*
US 2016/0266243 A1
(utility application publication)

US RE45,845 E
(utility reissue patent)

US D618,677 S
(design patent)

(EP) European Patent Organisation

EP 1746733 A1

(WO) World Intellectual Property Organization

*WO 2005/109654 A1*
WO 2005/109654 A1

(CH) Switzerland

CH 714165 A2

(CN) China

CN 109429522 A

(DE) Germany

DE 112017001422 B4

(DZ) Algeria

*DZ 3435A1*
DZ 3435 A1

(FI) Finland

FI 127827 B

(GR) Greece

GR 20140100457 A